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Fernanda Maranhao
Fernanda Maranhao
Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL)

Professor in the Department of Microbiology at Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL), Dr Fernanda C. de A. Maranhão is geneticist and received her PhD at the University of São Paulo after experience in gene expression of pathogen fungi (USP, 2004-2008), com postdoctoral experience in Medical Microbiology at Federal University of Ceará (UFC, 2009-2010). She is the coordinator of the Laboratory of Clinical Microbiology (LMC/UFAL), leading research on the molecular identification of Staphylococcus aureus, Candida species and Pseudomonas aeruginosa and genotyping of Cryptococcus complex and dermatophytes, accompanying healthcare-associated infections and patients from the main hospitals in Alagoas (mainly with autoimmune diseases) and . She also participates in research on antimicrobial resistance genes and action of bioactives as antifungal. Dr. Maranhão acts as a member of the editorial board and reviewer of the African Journal of Microbiology Research, Journal of Health and Biological Sciences, Journal of Integrative Biology, Fungal Genomics and Biology and Bioscience Magazine.

Research Interest

Research interest in: Infections diseases, HAIs, Molecular mechanisms of pathogenicity; and Drug resistance, Molecular diagnostic, Transcriptome of bacterial and Fungi pathogens.

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